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2nd European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability: Promoting Social Investment

Fundación ONCE, in line with the Social Business Initiative (Download pdf file)Opens new window and with the support of a group of companies and member organizations and the European Commission, is launching the 2nd European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability: Promoting Social Investment.

The aim of this Award is to detect and promote social entrepreneurship projects and to contribute to giving people with disabilities a leading role in the new European model for sustainable economic growth, in line with initiatives like the Europe 2020 strategy and the Social Investment Package.

Why awarding a prize for social entrepreneurship and disability?

The current socioeconomic situation in Europe forces us to search for new solutions to tackle the social challenges. Innovation and social entrepreneurship are two key concepts in the search for new models that will improve and transform our society.

In a Europe in which people with disabilities represent 16% of the population and are a source of talent and consumption, it becomes especially interesting to support initiatives that promote the community added value.

Therefore, the Award pursues two of the objectives brought up by the Europe 2020 growth strategy:

  • Promoting entrepreneurial initiatives that create employment.
  • Promoting social cohesion by means of the inclusion of disability in entrepreneurship, as well as recognizing entrepreneurial initiatives led by people with disabilities.

The objective of the Award is to promote social investment that focuses on the improvement of human capital and the promotion of social cohesion.

  • What does the prize consist of?

    The winning project will be awarded with a funding contribution of € 11.000.

    The Prize-giving ceremony will take place in a public event during the first semester of 2015.

  • How can I join in?

    If you have a project start-up with a clear and viable business plan or a project already underway with less than 2 years, there are two ways for you to join the contest:

    • If you are a social entrepreneur and your project is focused on the field of disability.
    • If you are an entrepreneur with a disability with an innovative project.

    In order to be able to join the contest, you must fill-in the online application form that best suits your project and submit it together with the additional documents as requested in the legal conditions (Download doc file) of the Award before the 12 December 2014.

    The application form and the information provided about the project must be in English.

  • Selection criteria

    For the social entrepreneur in the field of disability: social innovation and social return/impact, scalability and/or replicability, feasibility, leadership and dedication, originality and authenticity.

    For the entrepreneur with a disability with an innovative project: innovation, scalability and/or replicability, feasibility, leadership and dedication, originality and authenticity.

  • First Edition of the Award

    The first edition of the Award was launched in October 2013 and a total of 44 projects from 12 countries of the European Union were assessed by the Jury.

    Gregor Demblin, an Austrian entrepreneur with a disability, was proclaimed winner of the 1st European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability with his project “Career Moves”.

    Raul Aguayo-Krauthausen, social entrepreneur from Germany, was highly commended with his project “Wheelmap Education Program”.

    The participants of the 1st edition emphasize that the Award has given them the chance to boost their own ideas promoting at the same time the area of social entrepreneurship within the disability framework with the aim of making their solutions accessible to more people and gaining visibility at European level.

    You can learn more about the Best Practices of the 1st Edition of the Award (Download pdf file).Opens new window

  • FAQ’s and more info

    If you need more information you can contact us: sed-award@csr-d.eu
    Or visit the FAQ section (only in English)

  • Award partners

    • Main sponsors:
      ONCE FoundationLoreal
    • Sponsors:
      Triodos FoundationEIDD - Design for All Europe
    • With the support of:
      European ComissionTelefonicaMinistero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali
      KanchiEssl foundationEDF - European Disability Forum